There have been a lot of stories about us in the printed and film media.
1999   National Geographic film Tolga Bat Hospital - Really wild Show Screenshots
Screenshots: The Really Wild Show, BBC
    Australian television - Totally Wild
    German television
2000   Australian television - Animal Hospital
    Smithsonian Magazine
2001   British television - BBC The Really Wild Show
    Japanese television
    Discovery Channel Canada (Henry Kowalski)
    Expressen Magasinet Sweden
     Geo Korea and Geo Greece
    Now Magazine, England
    The Sunday Times weekend magazine
    Panorama Magazine, Italy
2002   German television
    Australian television - ABC Catalyst (science show)
    Canadian Wildlife and WILD Magazine
    Taiwanese Earthkids Magazin Helix (CSIRO science magazine for kids)
     Australian television - Totally Wild, Australia
2003   U.S.A Television, Jeff Corwin Experience
    Geolino (German Geo for Kids)
    Australian television - Aussie Animal Rescue
2004   The Cairns Post
    The Daily Mail, London
    Illustrerad Vetenskap Magazine, Finland
2005   RnR Magazine, Australia
    The Cairns Post (numerous), Australia
    Stafette, Germany
2006   Wildlife Conservation Magazine, USA
2007   Animal Planet - Baby Planet, UK CBBC
2008   National Geographic, Wild Chronicles USA
    Megaherz Documentary
2009   National Geographic, USA (Little Red Flying-foxes)
    Australian television - Totally Wild
2010   German/French television - ARTE Lou Petho
2011   German/French television - ARTE Lou Petho
2012   CBBC television Naomi's Nightmares of Nature (ticks not bats!)
    German Childrens Television TextundBild Paula and the Wild Animals
    Maximus films, German television
2013   Science and Natural History Filmmaking project, Master of Science Communication,University of Otago, NZ
    Tourism and Events Queensland famil for UK media CBBC Naomi's film crew
    Tourismand Events Queensland famil for German media 'Great Tropical Drive Motorhome Media Trip'  
    Humblebee Films, UK Bondi Vet
    Bondi Vet - about a rescued microbat
    Geolino (German Geo for Kids)
    Natur Magazin Nov 2013 (German)
2014   French television "30 millions d'amis" popular show on the relationship between humans and animals
    Granollers Museum of Natural Sciences, Spain. A bat filming expedition blog
    Australian Geographic issue 120
    SBS television 'Global Village', an English version of the ARTE film
    Totally Wild
    WIldlife Australia Winter 2014
2015   Volunteer of the Year award Bondi Vet: Ashleigh Johnson with Dr Chris Brown
    Publication of children's book 'Bat Hospital"  
    National WIldlife Foundation's Ranger Rick