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Would you like to sponsor a bat as a gift to a friend or family member? Sponsorships are another way of supporting the work of the hospital. You will receive an information sheet about the bat you have adopted. Please contact us by email to let us know who you would like the gift certificate sent to and how large a sponsorship you would like. Prices range from AUD$50 and upwards.

yuri   kirby
Yuri is a Grey headed flying fox who was given to us by a zoo. There are 8 Grey-headeds living in our large flght cage.   Kirby is a Spectacled flying fox with only one wing. Her other wing was amputated after a severe fracture that could not be pinned. She is pictured here with her baby from 2009.


Spice is a young Little Red flying fox enjoying sucking on her dummy or pacifier. Every year we rear a few Little Red babies for release.   Pete is an albino Freetail bat who weighs about 8 gms. He eats mealworms as well as wild food he is able to catch inside the microbat cage. We leave a black light on all night to attract insects into the cage for him and others.

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