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As a member of the Wildlife Artist Society of Australasia and the Queensland Wildlife Art Society, Daryl's passion for Australian wildlife is evident, with most works depicting the fine detail of Australia's beautiful and unique flora and fauna. She has two pieces of artwork featuring bats.

"My two great passions in life are wildlife and art. As a wildlife carer, I am so fortunate to have close contact with some of north Queensland's rarest and most endangered species. Our home in the Kennedy Valley, tropical far north Queensland, is shared with an amazing diversity of unique flora and fauna providing endless inspiration, interest and colour.

Daryl's artwork can be purchased as prints, cards, magnets and canvas prints.


"I hope my work shares some of the beauty and uniqueness of our precious Australian flora and fauna with others, in the hope that we will care for it and conserve it for generations to come"

Daryl Dickson, artist

Spectacled Flying-fox mother
and baby

Little Red flying foxes



Dave Pinson's Flying Fox Manual is a fully comprehensive, and up to the minute reference guide covering all aspects of flying fox care. Available as a cd, this electronic book is both easy to read and navigate.
This site is designed by the people from Speleobooks, with over 30 years experience buying and selling bat goods of every description. We support bat related conservation, research and education.

Bat Conservation International (BCI), based in Austin, Texas, is devoted to conservation, education and research to protect bats and the ecosystems they serve around the world.

Browse the largest collection of bat photography on the web and shop at their online store.

White-nose Syndrome has caused “the most precipitous wildlife decline in the past century in North America,” according to biologists. It has devastated bat populations across the northeastern United States since 2006. BCI is working with agencies, organizations and individuals to understand and stop WNS and begin restoring these decimated bat populations.

My aim is to continue to capture something of the beauty and intelligence of Australia's spectacular megabats.
Also in the gallery are images of other wonderful native creatures who nest in our trees, feed in our gardens or inhabit our waterways - plus cards featuring native flowers and trees which provide food and shelter for our wildlife.