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It is impossible to predict how busy each tick paralysis season will be. We encourage you all to have a back-up plan should we not need you for as long as planned. It is far more likely that we'll be very busy, and you'll have little time to go anything else except bats. Despite the extremely low incidence of Australian Bat Lyssavirus, volunteers must be up-to-date in their vaccination for rabies. 

Please take as much space as you need in filling out the questionnaire. We welcome any ideas for improvement. Contact us to receive the application form as an MS Word attachment or copy and paste this questionnaire into a Word document.

Tolga Bat Hospital Volunteer Details

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Volunteer Experience

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Have you been vaccinated for rabies? When? Please obtain a blood test for titre level and bring a copy.


Do you have a medical or physical condition  which we should know about?  If so please explain:


What type of work do you excel at and enjoy doing?


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Volunteer Expectations

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Are there any special considerations you would like to share?