To apply, please fill in the TBH Volunteer application (a Word document) and email it back to us. Take as much space as you need in filling it out. Ask as many questions as you like but please first read the Basic Info page.

If your application is successful, please read the following documents 3-5 as a comprehensive knowledge of the risk of Australian Bat Lyssavirus is essential to volunteering here. Good to read the Volunteer Information Folder on the plane, but it will be more meaningful once you are here.

1. TBH Volunteer application Please take as  much space as you need to answer the questions. (Check your Download folder) 

2. Volunteer Information Folder There is a lot of information here that is good for you to read before you come, and consult while you are here. (Check your Download folder)

3. WHS_vaccinated volunteer You will be required to sign this once you are here. (Check your Download folder)

4. Queensland Health website for recommendations for those working with bats.

5. General Biosecurity Obligation GBO If you choose to be involved with bats, you are expected to know about the risks of ABLV and how to minimise them. You must minimise the risk to yourself, other people, other bats, and other animals.

6. Personal Protective Equipment PPE Please read this information carefully as it is extremely important.

Meet Guiree and Milla the 2 kelpies that are full time volunteers at the Bat Hospital. Kelpies are Australian working dogs usually with sheep.

It is impossible to predict how busy each tick paralysis season will be until about November. We encourage you to have a back-up plan should we not need volunteers for as long as planned. It is far more likely that we’ll be very busy, and you’ll have little time to do anything else except look after bats. Despite the extremely low incidence of Australian Bat Lyssavirus, volunteers must be up-to-date in their vaccination against rabies if they wish to handle bats, and understand the recommendations from Queensland Health should they be bitten or scratched. More information can be found here. Proof of vaccination status is required electronically beforehand or on arrival.

There is a lot of work here that does not require handling bats but we prefer you to be vaccinated as most people cannot resist wanting to handle the young orphans. Please take as much space as you need in filling out the questionnaire. Ask as many questions as you like but please read the Basic Info page first incase it can be answered there first.

It is easy to apply directly to us, but we also work closely with a number of  volunteer agencies around the world who have all visited the Bat Hospital and can vouch for our credibility. They include Animal Experience International (Canada), Oceans 2 Earth (Australia) and Volunteering Travels (Sweden).

We have created a beautiful working environment for our volunteers, enjoy a short video here.