Project Description

We store more than a tonne of fruit in our cold room in busy times. Obtaining good quality food in relatively large quantities at a good price is an ongoing challenge for the Bat Hospital. The cold room is essential for managing the fruit with minimal wastage, and allows us to store some bulk fruits when they are cheap. It also has the advantage of not needing to re-purchase regularly and remembering to do so. The cold room is used for the following:

  • APPLES We buy 1000 kgs of apples at a time, coming up on chiller road transport every 2-8 weeks, depending how many animals are in care. Ordering in large quantities minimises the freight costs.
  • BANANAS Two banana farms give us banana seconds for free, 300 kgs or so at a time in a trailer.
  • PEARS Bought from supermarkets when on special.
  • OTHER FRUITS Luckily we live in a large agricultural area so when in season we can get watermelons, rockmelons and mangos from roadside stalls.

Bran is also stored in the cold room. We buy it in 20kg feed bags and use it for the mealworms that are fed to the microbats. The cold room is located behind the large flight cage with its’ own vehicle access, making it easy to unload fruit and easy to access from the main feeding area.

Learn more about how we feed the bats here.

We laid a concrete floor for a cold room in 2006.