Project Description

Exclusions and Poisons are some of the dangers that bring microbats into care.

Bats play a huge role in maintaining the ecosystem. While poisoning bats is illegal and inhumane and there is no poison on the market for bats, people still try to find ways to kill bats on their own. This is very dangerous, not only for the bats but also for other wildlife, humans and the planet.  Here are three simple reasons to avoid DIY bat poisoning:

  1. There are no proven or registered poisons manufactured to specifically kill bats. If you try to poison bats, you will have to use a dangerously high amount of poison. This will be harmful to your health and your families health
  2. It will hurt multiple animals, not just the bats. Other animals can ingest the poison and die. This can lead to a bad chain of events as predators will ingest these dead animals and the poison, causing them to die as well.
  3. It’s inhumane. Bats are creatures that can live for over 30 years and they are an important part of the ecosystem. Poisoning a colony of bats will cause an extreme negative impact to the delicate balance of your local ecosystem.

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