Project Description

The use of barbed wire in fencing is both an animal welfare issue and a conservation issue. In Australia each year thousands of animals face a slow cruel death entangled in the hot sun, distraught, at risk of predation and in pain. After tick paralysis it is the number one reason for bats coming into our care. We have had up to 108 Little Red flying foxes entangled in one night along one road, and up to 400 come into care September to December. It’s a major issue for us and that is why we began the Wildlife Friendly Fencing project in 2006.

Please go to our Wildlife Friendly Fencing website for information, including friendly fencing options.

Young Spectacled flying-fox who will never fly again….

Bats often hit the fence at speed, causing them to spin around. They can also spin horizontally around the fence.

Blossom bats don’t survive on a fence very long….

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