Project Description

Landscaped gardens, natural bush and commissioned artwork beautifies the Bat Hospital and gives it a unique ambience that many people enjoy and comment on.

Bruno, Katie and Mick laying the turf in 2013 (with help from Milla the kelpie) outside the new Nursery.

An early view of the plantings and artwork around the Nursery building. We prefer native Australian plants and if possible native to this valley, but some exotics creep into the mix as well.

Our plantings attract a lot of native wildlife including the Cairns birding butterflies. We have State forest on 2 boundaries and 3 different ecotones so the wildlife is abundant.

A favorite in winter are the rifle birds, this is a young male practising his display to attract females. They gather around when we are preparing the bananas for the bats.

A small pond outside the kitchen window.

 Juvenile male Riflebird is full display.

We have a number of these bats flying around the buildings, all in different stages of flight.

These phallic fungi emerge every wet season.

The ghost of flying-foxes who have died from tick paralysis or injuries. The bat is made from bone china, it literally has bat bone in it. Note the bandage over the sore leg and sore ear.

We have a range of Aboriginal bat art, this one from Kakadu.