Project Description

A bequest in 2013 gave us the funds for this 2 storey building to meet the challenge of rearing hundreds of orphans each year. It was a huge upgrade from the small bathroom we’d endured for 13 years. The building has a large storage area underneath, and a shared people/bat area upstairs. It’s clad externally in corrugated iron and has been designed with passive ventilation in mind. All the windows on the south-east side (prevailing winds most of the year) are louvres. The bathroom at the top of the ramp has all-ability access. There are wide verandahs on the north and eastern sides.

An early photo of the nursery building. We chose to have the building a little higher, though the ramp is still a good incline, to enable a large storage area under the building. This is really handy for storing everything outside of orphan season, as well as bulk supplies of juice and high protein powder, boxes of gloves, brochures etc

spectacled flying fox_volunteers

Some of our wonderful 2017 volunteers inside the nursery.

The work bench inside the Infant area.

The Jungle Gym is very easy to clean with vinyl on the walls to 2 metre high and vinyl floor with a central floor drain. We still use newspaper on the floors and frames to collect the bulk of the poo.

The kitchen area of the Nursery keeps all milk preparation out of the kitchen for ‘human’ food prep.

Eastern facing verandah where the pups ‘hang out’ during the day. Louvre windows on the weather side control the microclimate on the verandah.

We use a heat lamp over the pups sometimes when they first leave the boxes below and go up to the upper bedrooms.