Project Description

The main injuries we see are those associated with barbed wire and netting, but occasionally we see bats injured by entanglement in discarded fishing line. or hooks. This Little Red flying-fox was caught around the neck and wing, unable to hang by the feet. She was euthanased by a vet because of the extent of her injuries.

A young Spectacled flying-fox was brought into us with the fishing hook caught through her nose. She made a good recovery and was released.

There are a number of websites devoted to responsible fishing to reduce wildlife injuries, though none that I have seen mention bats. “Fish and marine mammals, birds and reptiles can become entangled in old line or snagged by hooks, resulting in serious injury or death. Shore birds can become entangled in line while foraging on the shore and land birds will often attempt to incorporate old fishing line into their nests, sometimes with disastrous effects for hatching chicks (Sunshine Coast Regional Council).”