• November 2018 volunteers

    Caring for large numbers – Cairns heat stress event

    The Cairns heat stress event in late 2018 coincided with our paralysis tick season and taught us all about caring for large numbers of flying fox orphans.  The ticks began with a vengeance in mid September such that by the last week in November [...]

  • Cleaning cages during wet season

    For some it is a meditative endeavour best experienced in solitude; for others it requires music that cannot be heard over the pressure hosing unless headphones are worn. I am one of those strange people who find most music much of the time quite irritating. [...]

  • spectacled flying fox_orphan

    Tick season 2017

    This has been our second year in a row that relatively few Spectacled flying-foxes (SFF) were affected by paralysis ticks (and so fewer orphans into care), and very few Little Red flying-foxes (LRFF) were entangled in barbed wire. Thankfully. We had 140 orphans in [...]


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