Thank you for looking for information about how to help a bat in trouble. Please do not handle bats. There is a risk, albeit very small, that the bat is infected with rabies or in Australia/UK a rabies-like virus. If you are bitten or scratched, gently wash the wound immediately with soap for about 5 minutes, apply iodine and then urgently contact your doctor for a possible rabies vaccination.

You will find the phone numbers for bat rescuers at these websites. Always try to telephone first rather than text or email so that complete information about the bat can be gathered quickly. Keep well back from the bat so it doesn’t panic and keep it safe from people and other animals.

Australian Fauna Care in Australia

Batworld in USA

Bat Conservation Trust in the UK

In other countries you can start by contacting a veterinarian or zoo, or contact us.

If you have microbats in your house, or you wish to exclude them from a roof or walls, here are some other sites:

Australasian Bat Society

Bat Rescue in Australia

Bat Conservation

Batworld in USA

The main issues are –

1. will the bats have young now so should you wait a month or two;

2. how many points are the bats accessing your house

3. do you need a builder or can you do it yourself?