Have you ever looked a flying-fox in the eye? Seen and heard the echolocation calls of a microbat on a bat detector? Come meet our bats, watch them feed and interact with each other. Learn about their lives, their importance to the environment and the work of the bat hospital. 

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL  Phone 07 4091 2683 or email us (please do not use Facebook). While we are in physical distancing associated with Covid-19, we prefer to run one tour a day with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 people,  but are happy to run more tours if bookings require it. Normally if you are the first to make a booking for the day and you are only 2 people we will contact you as soon as we have a minimum of 4 to confirm the booking. 

We regularly run educational tours for groups greater than 10 but require a week’s notice. (e.g. schools, universities, special interest groups)


TOUR times vary seasonally (depends on when the bats come down from their 6-metre high cage to feed) but usually start 4pm in summer and 3 – 3.30pm in winter and last for about an hour. We start with a short 8-minute movie about what we do and then wander around to meet the different bats. We allow a maximum of 4 people watching the movie at one time as the room is fairly small, or 6 from the one family group. We are #1 on Trip Advisor for attractions in this area.

We are not fully wheelchair-accessible but have appropriate bathroom facilities and access to most areas.

$10 CHILD (5-15 years)

DIRECTIONS 134 Carrington Road, Carrington or Atherton 4883

The Visitor Centre was awarded Advanced Ecotourism accreditation in August 2010, meaning we offer one of Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism experiences. The certification assures travellers that the operator has a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high quality nature-based tourism experiences. Keep scrolling down to the bottom of this page to an engaging climate change story told by animated flying foxes.

DIRECTIONS We are not at Tolga where the bats camp, but on the Herberton side of Atherton.

The ECO Certification logo enables travellers to choose a tourism product that is authentically “eco” – environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. 

We prefer to keep small group sizes, up to 8 people on each tour, a main reason for having bookings essential. You will meet some extraordinary bats like this microbat that is barely visible in the photo.

The centre has colourful displays, bat art and merchandise for sale. Information panels and an 8-minte video tell the story of the bat hospital and the bats.

The friendly bat seat is a popular place for family photos.

We feature a lot of Indigenous art around the centre. This painting was done for us by local Ngadjon artist Drew Morta.

A local German fellow Hans Pehl has done a lot of very creative and beautiful metal art for us.

VIDEO BELOW Let a couple of animated flying foxes tell you all about climate change! This is the English version, but it is also available in other languages for people in Fiji, Solomon islands and Vanuatu. Our Advanced Ecotourism accreditation means that we take seriously our role in providing visitors with information about climate change.

This 10 minute movie takes a fun approach with a couple of flying-foxes to explain the basics of climate change.