Most of our education work is done through our onsite Visitor Centre, but outreach work is also provided to schools  through the Tinaroo Environmental Education Centre (TEEC) and to community events. Every bat rescue in the community is an opportunity for education about bats. Bat carers all over the world are known in their local communities as the ‘bat lady’ or ‘bat man’ and throughout their daily lives take opportunities to educate the general public about bats.

This page will refer you to some great websites, articles, podcasts and videos about bats. Please let me know if you would like to recommend others. All photos on this page were taken at our Open Days and one from TEEC. The Australasian Bat Society promotes an annual Australasian Bat Night at many venues throughout Australia. Many different community groups organise these events and you may find one listed on the site in your area.

There are many issues for education about the conservation and welfare of bats around the world, but above all is the threat of climate change. Let a couple of animated flying foxes tell you all about climate change!


Bat Women of  Panama (unfortunately not the full version)

YouTube – A mixed bag of batty videos.

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